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                Welcome to RuiChuang fastener manufacturing official website, we focus on fastener production and sales of various specifications and models!


                About US

                Wenzhou RuiChuang Fastener Manufacturing Co., Ltd. [former Honggu standard parts factory] was established in 2002. The company is located in Guoxi Town, Wenzhou City, with more than 105 employees and 28 professional and technical development personnel. The company covers an area of 4500 square meters

                Our company adhere to the "quality enterprise" as the purpose, the company has raw material restructuring, multi station cold forming, progressive high-speed stamping, CNC automatic turning system. Taiwan's multi position nut cold heading machine (hole type cold forming machine), screw cold heading machine (rod type cold forming machine) and other international advanced equipment, the whole process system and perfect production capacity, the use of Sinosteel, Baosteel's excellent wire rod and plate, professional production and sales of national standards, British, American, German, Japanese standards and non-standard shaped cold heading screws (rod cold forming parts), nuts (hole cold forming machine) Forming parts), turning parts, punching parts and zinc alloy die castings and other products.

                Now the company's products have partially replaced the imported parts, which are widely used in machinery, electrical appliances, automobiles, motorcycles, sanitary ware, furniture and other fields. The products sell well at home and abroad, and directly provide one-to-one supporting services for customers. In order to localize China's fasteners, contribute wisdom to the development of China's fastener industry, and build the company into a leader in China's non-standard special-shaped fastener industry Flow and struggle!

                Company quality policy: innovation, internal and external satisfaction, continuous improvement, industry leading.

                Company environmental policy: excellent efficiency, energy conservation, continuous improvement, green environmental protection.

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