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                First, the flow chart

                Second, payment and settlement methods

                1. Advance payment: Before the non-standard product is processed, the deposit will be charged 30%~50%, and the proportion will be set according to different products. Special non-standard customized products require 100% down payment

                2, mold fee: If the sample product needs to open the mold production and processing, it needs to charge a certain proportion of the mold fee. For example, if the product is processed in batches, the mold fee will be charged first after the order is confirmed.

                3. Sales settlement method

                a) New customers: cash settlement, no credit

                b) Old customers: can apply for credit transactions based on historical transactions and corporate credits. The specific account period is set by the sales department and finance department of our company.

                c) If the payment is overdue, our company has the right to refuse to supply the unfinished part until the payment is made in the previous paragraph.

                Third, the amount of MOQ

                Conventional national standard products generally do not have a minimum order quantity. Special non-standard customized products, depending on the production complexity of the product and the market common level, the minimum order quantity is 500~50000 pieces.

                Fourth, the invoice system

                1. All products of our company provide 16% VAT invoice

                2. Please check carefully the new customer before providing the billing information. Make sure that the information provided is accurate.

                3. If the old customer updates or changes the company information, please inform us of the new information.

                4. If the invoice information is wrong due to customer error, in principle, our company will not re-invoice.

                5. Re-invoices must meet the following conditions:

                a) VAT special invoice within 90 days from the date of invoicing, there is no time requirement for VAT ordinary invoice

                b) The invoice customer association is well preserved and returned to our company.

                c) Customer's information

                Five, delivery instructions

                We promise to arrange the delivery according to the time agreed in the contract.

                1. Wenzhou City

                a) Pick up directly at the company or at a designated store

                b) Delivery by our company's vehicle or entrusted third-party logistics company to the customer's designated address

                2. Other provinces and cities: directly entrust third-party logistics companies to deliver to designated locations

                Sixth, quality problems

                1. If quality problems are found, the salesperson should be challenged within one week after receiving the goods, and the goods should be kept safely before they are received by us.

                2. Within 24 hours after receiving the customer's objection, our company communicates with the customer by telephone, mail or directly to the quality inspection personnel to analyze the facts. If necessary, we will send the product to a third-party testing agency for quality appraisal.

                3. If the product has quality problems, we promise to return the goods for customers in the shortest time.

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