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                Five reasons to choose Ruichuang

                NO.1 Process production, quality assurance

                From the material transformation (drawing), forging, heat treatment to the final surface treatment can be completed in the company, fully control the product quality process. The entire production process is strictly in accordance with the ISO9001 quality certification system, and is produced and inspected according to national standards or processed and accepted according to the drawings provided by the customer.

                NO. 2 Professional testing equipment to reduce the risk of quality and safety accidents

                From the start of raw materials to the processing of each process, to the final inspection of finished products, we have the corresponding professional testing equipment for product quality inspection, and there are inspection records for records. Regular product quality inspection reports are available for all manufactured products.

                NO. 3 Focus on the industry positioning, so that we understand the needs and characteristics of the products.

                Over the years, we have focused on industry positioning services. Whether our sales staff or our production, technical, quality management personnel are familiar with the characteristics of the customer industry and the main performance of the products, we will be your fastener consultant. Solve the complex problems of the product in the process of design, use and installation.

                NO. 4 mature operating system to help you control costs and reduce inventory

                In terms of manufacturing, reasonable production planning, and maximum utilization of production equipment capabilities, we are able to leverage our manufacturing advantages to reduce the cost and price of the products you purchase. In terms of distribution, the company owns its own vehicles, and at the same time, it has long-term signed a professional third-party logistics distribution company, which can guarantee that your products can be delivered to the destination on time by different transportation modes such as automobile transportation, railway transportation, sea transportation and air transportation.

                NO. 5 old brand, stressing integrity and keeping promises

                Over the years, it has been selected as the best AAA award for the AAA grade of the contract-keeping unit, the high-quality products of China's high-strength fastener industry, and the fasteners of the China Grid Golden Screws. It is the company's integrity and recognition by the society. Full expression of degree. In the construction of many national key projects, we have designated products using our company's brand.

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