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                Common industry standard for stainless steel fasteners

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                Common industry standard for stainless steel fasteners

                It is called stainless steel standard parts. The common industrial standards for stainless steel fasteners have the following standards:

                1) Stainless steel fastener product size standards: such as GB/T 152.1-1988, GB/T 152.2-2014, etc., specify the basic dimensions of the product; threaded products, including the basic size of the thread, thread Finishing, shoulder distance, undercut and chamfer, end size of externally threaded parts, etc.

                2) Standards for technical conditions of stainless steel fastener products. Specifically, it includes the following standards:

                a) Standards for fastener product tolerances: specify tolerances and shape tolerances for product dimensions.

                b) Standards for the mechanical properties of fastener products: the marking method of the mechanical properties of the product and the mechanical performance items and requirements; some fastener products change the content to the material properties or work performance. Aspect of the content.

                c) Standards for surface defects of fastener products: specify the types of surface defects and specific requirements of the product.

                d) Standards for surface treatment of fastener products: such as GB/T 5267.4-2009, specifying the types of surface treatment and specific requirements of the product.

                e) Standards for the testing of stainless steel fastener products: specify the test aspects of the above various performance requirements.

                3) Standards for acceptance inspection, marking and packaging of stainless steel standard parts: specify the quality level and sampling plan of the product when the product is inspected at the factory, as well as the product marking method and packaging requirements.

                4) Standards for marking methods for fastener products: specific provisions for the complete labeling method and simplified marking method.

                5) Standards for other aspects of stainless steel fasteners: standards for fastener terminology, standards for fastener product weight, etc.