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                Welcome to RuiChuang fastener manufacturing official website, we focus on fastener production and sales of various specifications and models!


                Product solutionWhat do we do

                • Our productsThe company cooperates with Panasonic, Toto, ROCA, ZF, AOC and other international well-known enterprises. Now the company's products have partly replaced the imported parts, and the products sell well at home and abroad

                • Our servicesWenzhou fastener Association "Ouhai District famous brand trademark", "contract and trustworthy enterprise" and other honorary titles. The company passed the ISO19001 system certification in 2010.

                • Our strengthThe company has raw material restructuring, multi station cold forming, progressive high-speed stamping, CNC automatic turning, heat treatment, electroplating and other production processes, and imported advanced...


                Wenzhou RuiChuang Fastener Manufacturing Co., Ltd. [former Honggu standard parts factory] was established in 2002. The company is located in Guoxi Town, Wenzhou City, with more than 105 employees and 28 professional and technical development personnel......

                • 105

                  There are 105 employees

                • 28

                  28 technical developers

                • 4500

                  The total area of the company is 4500 square meters

                • Steel quality control

                  Steel quality control

                • Quality assurance

                  Quality assurance

                • Efficient transportation scheme

                  Efficient transportation scheme

                • After sale

                  After sale

                Contact address:No.35, ougen Road, Xinxi Town, Zhejiang Province

                Service hotline:0577-86105776